Tanglewood Family Medical Center P.A.
Tanglewood Family Medical Center P.A.

Welcome To Tanglewood Family Medical Center P.A.

Here at Tanglewood Medical Center our primary goal is to provide patient focused care to the patients and families in our community. 


We recognize that each patient's care is personal and unique and therefore we are pleased to offer a full spectrum of services to better enable us to meet those individual needs.

Our Services

We offer a wide range of services to better meet the needs of our patients. These services include:


* Newborn and Pediatric Care

* Preventative Care From Infants To Geriatrics

* Annual Physicals and Wellness Visits All Ages

* Gynecology Services

* Vasectomy

* Minor Surgical Procedures

* Coordination Of Care With Specialists

* Treadmill Stress Tests

* Radiological & Laboratory Services

* Specialty Services

* Allergy Testing

***Please Note: Tanglewood Family Medical Center does not participate in Medicaid or any other government funded insurance.


Kansas Tracking & Reporting of Controlled Substances


Patient Forms:


Please take a minute to view our downloadable forms available under the "FORMS" tab to the right. Downloadable forms include New Patient Paperwork, Educational Brochures, and others.

Seasonal Allergies


The CDC reports that over the last 12 months, in the US, 16.9 million people were diagnosed with hay fever. And although at the present there is no cure for Allergies and hay fever they can, however, be managed for a large number of those who suffer with them.


Treatment for allergies may include both pharmacological and/or allergy injections.  If you happen to be one of those who suffer from allergies or hay fever contact your physician today to discuss your options. 



Flu Season Is Upon Us!! Are You Protected!!

Now is the time for you and your family to get your Flu vaccines. Don't wait until it's to late. Get your Flu vaccines today!!


We offer both the traditional Flu shot and the FluMist. 


* Don't like needles? We offer FluMist.


"FluMist is an FDA approved annual vaccine that's sprayed into the nose. It can be used in eligible children, adolescents, and adults 2-49 years old."

Focus on Fitness

The summer sun brings out the fun in us all, from the little ones on the playground to the serious and high endurance runners. It is important to remember, that during whatever your activity in the summer sun, to stay well hydrated. This can be frequent drinks of water for the kids at play to nutritional endurance drinks such as "Blendrich Nutrition" for the athelete in us all. Please remember to keep you and your little ones properly hydrated and to have a safe and fun summer!!  


For more information about Blendrich Nutritional Energy and Nutritional Endurance drinks visit their website at: www.Blendrich.com 

Holiday Hours 2014

May 2014:

05/26 Closed (Memorial Day)


July 2014:

07/04 Closed (Independence day)

07/05 Closed


September 2014:

09/01 Closed (Labor Day)


November 2014:

11/26 Closed at 11:30am 

11/27 Closed (Thanksgiving)

11/28 Closed

11/39 Closed


December 2014:

12/05 Closed at 11:30am

12/24 Closed at 11:30am (Christmas Eve)

12/25 Closed (Christmas)

12/26 Closed

12/27 Closed

12/31 Closed at 11:30am


January 2015:

1/1 Closed (New Years Day)


Please Note: These hours are subject to change.