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Here at TFMC our primary goal is to provide patient focused care to the patients and families in our community. We recognize that each patient's care is personal and unique and therefore we are pleased to offer a full spectrum of services to better enable us to meet those individual needs.

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Dr. Katherine Cates

We are pleased to welcome Dr. Cates to the Tanglewood family.

Dr. Katie Cates has 19 years experience in family practice and enjoys taking care of patients from newborns to centennials. She will be accepting new patients starting April 5th. Call now to schedule your appointment with Dr. Katie Cates.

Erica Hickerson

We are pleased to welcome Erica Hickerson to the Tanglewood family.

Erica is well established Physicians Assistant within our community and she brings with her an expanded medical skill set and enthusiastic dedication to her patients. Her specialties include Family Medicine, General Surgery, Cosmetic Surgery, and other Dermatological procedures.

Virtual Visits: During these hectic times, we want to make ourselves available to our patients in as many ways as we possible can. We understand you might not feel comfortable coming in to the office - and the good news is, you don't have to! We now offer Virtual Visits! And even better: most insurers are currently covering virtual visits. This means you can continue to receive excellent services from the providers you know and trust in a convenient and safe manner. Call                                                         us at (316)788-3787 to schedule a Virtual Visit with your provider.

Specialty Services at Tanglewood Family Medical Center




Janna Chibry, MD



Providing OB/GYN care here at Tanglewood Family Medical Center.

Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy

Advanced Physical Therapy at Tanglewood Family Medical Center is located at the northwest entrance. 

Note: Hours are subject to change. Please call the office for updates hours and information.

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