COVID-19 Important Message To Patients

We at Tanglewood Family Medical Center wanted to update you about some changes we have instituted for our patients' safety and convenience during this time, including our Well Waiting Room, Respiratory Clinic, and New Virtual Visits!
Well Waiting Room
Our main entrance and waiting room are exclusively available to those patients who are NOT experiencing fever, cough, shortness of breath or acute respiratory symptoms. Do you need labs drawn? Or maybe you are due for an annual physical, diabetic recheck, or an appointment to get your medicine refilled?  You can still come in the front door, as always.  We know the situation with COVID-19 has created a lot of uncertainty, and we are doing all we can to follow the latest recommendations for limiting potential exposure to all infectious respiratory conditions as much as we can. Our priority is to remain available to all of our patients during this time.
Respiratory Clinic 
Those patients who ARE experiencing cough, shortness of breath, and/or fever are now being seen through our Respiratory Clinic, which is located at the rear (east) entrance to our building.  Have you or someone you've been exposed to recently traveled?  Are you unsure whether your cough is related to your seasonal allergies or something else?  We have room for you, too - just not the main Waiting Room!  
For these visits, patients park in back and check in over the phone (316-788-3787). One of our medical staff members will ask you some screening questions, come greet you at your car with a mask, and take you into one of our Respiratory Clinic exam rooms. Once you are checked in, the doctor or PA working in the Respiratory Clinic that day will come examine you. Don't be too freaked out if they enter the room wearing a mask, gloves and goggles - we are taking all recommended precautions for your protection as well as ours!
New Virtual Visits!
During these hectic times, we want to make ourselves available to our patients in as many ways as we possibly can. We understand you might not feel comfortable coming to the office - and the good news is, you don't have to! We now offer virtual visits. And even better: most insurers are currently covering virtual visits. This means you can continue to receive excellent service from the providers you know and trust in as convenient a manner as possible. Please contact our front desk to learn more information at 316-788-3787.
The Tanglewood Staff

Welcome to Tanglewood Family Medical Center

Here at Tanglewood Medical Center our primary goal is to provide patient focused care to the patients and families in our community. We recognize that each patient's care is personal and unique and therefore we are pleased to offer a full spectrum of services to better enable us to meet those individual needs.


We are excited to welcome Dr. Jerry Gaston to Tanglewood Family Medical Center. 

Dr. Gaston and team will begin seeing patients at our location. Please call 316-945-7309 to schedule your appointment today.

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Physician Guided Weight loss progam!

Physician-Guided  Weight Loss programs offered  here at Tanglewood! 

Schedule your initial consultation with Dr. Constantine Panakos today and get started on the course to a healthier you!

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