We offer a full spectrum of services to meet individual and family needs. These Services Include:

* Newborn and Pediatric Care

* Preventative Care From Infants To Geriatrics

* Annual Physicals and Wellness Visits All Ages

* OBGYN (Obstetrics & Gynecology)

* Acute Care & Minor Emergency's With Visit

* Coordination Of Care With Specialists

* Treadmill Stress Tests

* Radiological & Laboratory Services: Xray, EKG, Injections, Phlebotomy

* Specialty Services

* Minor Surgical Procedures

* Allergy Testing

* Nerve Conduction Study


* Colonoscopy

* Physical Therapy Services (Advanced Physical    Therapy)

* Surgical Specialist Services

(Virtual Visits)
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Where to Find Us

Tanglewood Family Medical Center P.A.


606 N Mulberry Rd

Derby, Ks 67037

Phone: (316) 788-3787

Fax: (316) 788-2618


After Hours Physicians Exchange (316)262-6262

Clinic Hours

Mon     8am - 5:00pm
Tues   8am - 5:30pm
Wed   8am - 7:30pm

8am - 5:00pm

Fri   8am - 3:30pm

8am - 10am

 (Virtual Visits)

*Saturday hours available

for Virtual Visits/Telemedicine



Hours may vary based on provider availability. Hours subject to change. Please call for scheduling. 


(COVID-19 may affect hours.)

Lab Hours

Mon          8am - 1pm
Tues   2pm - 4pm
Wed   8am - 1pm
Thur   2pm - 4pm
Fri   8am - 1pm
Sat   Lab Closed

(COVID-19 may affect hours.)

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